Nest Learning Thermostat

I’ve always looked forward to making my house the best it can be in relation to tech and the Nest thermostat was something I couldn’t pass up especially for half off the $250.00 price point it’s marketed at. I love home automation and use Alexa for just about everything. I installed the Nest earlier today and it has been a privilage to use it. The pacaging includes everything you need to get started and has great clear and organized instructions. I first saw the Nest about a year ago when a YouTuber did a review on it. I was eager to learn more. For the past few months, I’ve been debating wether to get the Ecobee 4 or the Nest Gen 3. Let’s talk about the Ecobee. The Ecobee 4 has basically everything the Nest has with a few extra bonuses – built in Alexa, and room sensors for more accurate tempature managment. At first I thought this was a great alternative to the Nest – it is. I was purswaded by Nest though because I plan to expand my Nest home in the future. In the about hour I’ve been able to use it, I really like it. I installed the Alexa skill on all my Echos and have every person in the house set up with the simple app. It has never been more simple to change the tempature of your house. One of my favorite features of the Nest is the display. It’s sharp, bright, and even lights up when you walk up to it with whatever you choose. Overall, my first impressions on the Nest are great. I think the thermostat could inprove in a few ways but I’ll touch on that later. For now, I need to get to bed and probably go play with it more in bed. I like it.

First day with Logitech Harmony

I’ve always loved the home automation and smart home technology since was created and just couldn’t pass up the Logitech harmony hub that can connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a completely hands-free experience. The harmony hub acts as a big IR blaster that sends infared signals to each device in a home theater setup allowing for a “smart” way of controlling each device without a remote. The setup process for the hub was quite simple, just long. If you’re looking to buy this product make sure you have at least 30+ minutes to set it up. Once everything was setup I got to play with it. I really like how my “Movie” preset turns on my tv, receiver, soundbar, subwoofer, switch, blueray player, and dims the lights slightly in the room. This does take a few seconds because the IR immiter can’t send out multiple signals at once because everything would go crazy. Basically for those who don’t know IR is basically a form of light that we can’t see. Overall, I think it was worth $100 for this setup and I look foward to purchasing one of the remotes in the future to add.

Time with the ATH-M50x Headphones

Some of you know that it was my birthday on the 2nd of November and everyone has to get something on their birthday so I bought me some new studio headphones because my old ones were getting tired. Actually I’m listening to music in them right now and I can say they produce a very true to real life sound. Personally I like a little more bass when listening to music for a bigger “punch” so I’ve EQed them on my mixer but even with a flat EQ they still sound better than my other pair. I’ve never been a really big headphones guy and always preffered using big speakers as my computer speakers but that might change soon. Anyway, I’m quite satisfied with my choice and will probably pick up the bluetooth add-on / amp / portable dac to go with them.

Looking for staff

Currently we’re looking for staff members to be active on my server. We lost an admin today so I’m getting a little more needy. Looking for anyone who has past experience with servers and is just willing to help out. We need about 1-2 more builders, at least another admin, and 2 more helpers by 2018. I’ll have the apps open till probably mid December. I’m looking for a lot when people apply for admin so if you don’t have very good past experience I would recommend helper or builder if you’re choosing to apply. The one requirement for ALL staff is that you have an active Discord account to communicate with the rest of the team including me. Just a few quick updates on the server: player counts are low right now mostly because of the start of school but I’ll be working more efficiently to better advertise the player experience as a whole and fix / add new awesome features in the future. (Yes, that means EVERY server on the network is being re-done) I posted the link to apply at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions on our application approval / denial process please email me privately.

My email (Only if you have questions, spam will be blocked) is [email protected]

Website to apply:

Update about me

So as most of you know I’ve been experimenting with iOS 11 for the past few weeks when it released and I love it but my one and ONLY complaint about it is the slowness and lagginess. My iPhone 6s went from a 2507 single-core score to a 1384 and a 4380 multi-core score to a 2493 on Geekbench. These tests were done before the iOS 11 update and after Apple released their 11.03 update a few days ago. This is my frustration. Pushing that aside, I’m thinking about uploading more youtube videos again and pushing the content forward. My uploads wouldn’t be regular, probably not as much gaming, but more industry & tech related videos. If you have any ideas for any videos I should upload or do tutorials on please contact me with the information below! If you haven’t checked out my Minecraft server yet I would highly recommend it! I put a lot of time into creating a balanced expedience on there and have spent countless hours on it. (I’m not that into Minecraft anymore but enjoy spending time on the server and managing it with our wonderful staff) Anyway, I’m going to go to bed now because I’m feeling tired and why not. Goodnight internet! 🙂

MastersCraft Server IP:
(Supports 1.8 – 1.12.2)

Contact Me!
Email = [email protected]
Discord = @ZnAvids2742

Creative Update Coming Soon

So I’ve recently gotten into fixing up each individual server on MastersCraft to make room for more features to attract more players. Currently I’m in the process of revamping the creative server with new features, bigger plots, better worldedit, better performance, more worlds, better economy support, and so much more! I was experimenting earlier today on a private DEV server and I absolutely love what some of the newly modified plugins can do! Hoping to roll this update out in about a month or so. Please note this will reset all plots so if you want your plot saved you need to contact me privately on Discord with your plot-ID, IGN, any modifications, and a work-done date. Work-done just means you finished the plot and won’t make any other changes to it. Anyway, pvp is the next server I’ll revamp because I already did most of parkour.


My Discord:


MastersCraft Staff Apps are open!

MastersCraft Staff Applications are now open!
We’re specifically looking for another admin and another helper or two! A few more builders would be nice along with a few more active youtubers! Basically we’re looking for everybody right now. Something that isn’t listed on the form is the DEV rank. Basically this rank develops custom plugins for the server in Java. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] or message me on Discord! I’m @ZnAvids#2742!

Cleaned up Creative + DEV server!

I just finished cleaning up the creative server so if you had an empty plot with nothing on it then it’s probably gone now. This just goes for everybody. Don’t claim 15 plots (someone did that) and do nothing on them. Claim a plot when you’re ready to build please. K. Anyway. Also don’t spawn 300 horses without killing them all. It doesn’t stress the server out but some people’s internet can’t handle that many entities. And I certainly know that my internet will give out if like 30 people are on with that amount so just don’t do it. 🙂 That’s really all I had to say. I’ll probably be adding these things to the rules document. (Check Discord sometime tomorrow)

This is totally unrelated to any member info but I now have a dedicated DEV server for testing purposes only which is awesome. It has double the power of the regular servers and can process like a 70mil WorldEdit chunk in about 45 seconds. That’s insane. We will let members on every once in awhile for testing purposes if needed. Please note if you’re going to help out with plugin development that you need to have a working secured Google account to use with the shared documents and the authentication process on the DEV server. It’s 10:50 PM where I live as I’m writing this and my eyes are pretty tired so I’m going to bed because I have nothing to say anymore. GN!

A quick update – iOS 11

I just wanted to update you guys quickly with my experience with iOS 11. I love the features the new version has to offer but I feel that it could use some work in the “don’t drain my battery to 0%” department and possibly a few performance tweaks even for the new phones with the new A11 bionic chip. Even with the new update (11.01) I still feel as if things are still a bit laggy. 3D touch enabled things take a long time to respond when triggered and just the constant crashes and incompatibility I’ve experienced over the past week makes me think twice about updating. I still think the goods overcome the bads though. iOS 11 is still my preferred version of iOS currently and it will be even greater when Apple finally released some bug fixes and performance improvements!