MastersCraft Throwback

Some more news

So today I mainly was working on things in the background on my end but there are a few noticeable changes I made starting with the addition on tagging players in game! You can now @ a player (ex. @ZnAvids) to get their attention. It will play a sound and turn their name a certain color in chat if they’re online. Other than that, the direct connect limiter should be less aggressive to players now because let’s face it, it was getting annoying even for me. There are a few things that helped clean up some lag on the server to get our TPS even closer to 20! Really that’s it. I am thinking of possibly adding a minigames server in the future alongside TNTWars! I think PVP, Parkour, and Creative are great but they just get boring after a while because EVERY server has them. I have plans for that but for now, we just need to perfect / finish what we have.

Something new

So today a member finally convinced me to add the server radio to all of the other server. I did. Getting the radio on Creative wasn’t easy though. Creative is 1.12.1 and the other servers are 1.8. This also means that noteblock IDs change in new versions because I couldn’t get anything to play! Luckily the developers have been updating their plugins online (I was like 2 years outdated) so I grabbed me some download button and restarted the servers. It works now.  Also did some playing around with the new punishment system and it works great! The anticheat still needs some tweaking because it sometimes kicks legit players but as of now, I’d say it catches 80% of hackers – but like 30% legit players. Still though, it’s a work in progress and I’m happy with where it’s at right now. About 40 minutes before writing this, I found some Monstercat MIDI files online. Well, the old songs on the server get boring after a while so I was like, let’s check it out. I loaded up the MIDI to Noteblock (.nbs) editor, adjusted some volume levels and tweaked the tempo of each song and sent them off into the tracks folder on the server. Before I knew it, I had “We Love, Rainbow Road, and Anime Bae” playing in the Hub – that was awesome! If I have time tomorrow I’ll see if I can find some more cool songs to add to the collection! For now, I now have something new (well, not new…you get the idea) to listen to when doing work.

A few updates

Recently I changed the punishment system for the server which now allows for proper muting, kicking, and a new addition of warning. (Don’t get into trouble!) I will also be clearing un-used plots on Creative every Friday as part of a “cleanup-the-server” thing so new members can get a plot closer to the spawn. This also will reduce server lag caused by the plugins. (If you claim a plot on the server, BUILD IN IT! If you don’t and it’s empty, it might get deleted on Friday) Don’t forget to vote everyday for a $2000 bonus! The active members are really showing who they are now! /ot top

Alright! That’s about it server-wise except a few changes behind the scenes which I can’t talk about. (Also, when I cleanup Creative, I clear entities too! I found over 300 horses just on one plot which can cause lag for other players)

Most Monthly Online Time Update

Basically every month I will announce three winners, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. These players will receive prizes in-game. If you want a better prize, you have to vote 10 times on each site that month for a +25% value increase! Good Luck to everyone!

Top players currently:

  • ZnAvids (me)
  • joake12341
  • Rasmuswolfsen
  • DogeThatBorks
  • Alex152h
  • Hqtty
  • DungenMastor
  • _Mattiixs
  • Emilo333
  • ArtxLife

Second day with iOS 11

There are definitely present bugs in the new version of iOS but that didn’t stop me from updating. Speaking of one bug that annoyed me the most was the lag when using 3D touch. There’s a framerate (stutter) issue and a bit of delay when I engage it. I’m confident Apple will make changes in the software to fix this issue but for now I’ll have to deal with it. Now that I was actually able to take my phone into the real world to try out some cool new things I was able to “show-off” some new features. One of them being ARKit. I downloaded a variety of apps that supported AR to try them out and so far, I love it – and people around me think I’m crazy. I was playing a bit of mini golf in AR this morning at my school and I got some of the most strange looks I’ve ever seen! Anyway, I won and that was cool. I’m probably going to bed now so goodnight internet!

My thoughts on iOS 11

So I’ve been using iOS 11 for a few hours now and I have to say, it’s a big step for Apple to make some of these changes. There is one thing I wish the new iOS still had and that was the 3D Touch App Switcher / Multiview. I honestly used that way too much. With that aside though, these are a few of my favorite features in iOS 11:

  • The new control center
  • AR (augmented reality)
  • New HEIC codec for photos / video
  • Siri Improvements
  • Screenshot tool
  • New notification layout
  • No titles for apps on the dock
  • QR code scanner built-in to camera app
  • Files app (One of my fav’s)
  • New animations / logos for apps make the experience more pleasing
  • Drag and drop

These are my favorite changes so far with my experience with the update. My opinion might change as new updates are rolled out and I have more time to play with all of it but as of right now the new version of iOS is (so far) big free for me and a great upgrade! I still do recommend waiting a week or two until iOS 11.1 comes out so Apple has a chance to fix any major bugs, etc!

New AntiCheat

I just upgraded the server’s anticheat system! Our new system will now catch up to 70% more hackers then it did before! I have it setup to kick and ban players after a certain number of warnings so don’t “test it out.” There are still a few quirks with it as it’s a brand new system to the server but as of now, it’s caught more mods then before! The server will make your player jump barely a quarter of a block to check for anti-knockback which can get annoying for some people but it’s way better then it was before so I’m not complaining! Don’t forget to vote today if you already haven’t! (Links down below) Anyway, I fixed a few problems today with the server and got the new anticheat in place so I’m probably going to go to bed now. Good night internet!

Voting Links