A few updates

Recently I changed the punishment system for the server which now allows for proper muting, kicking, and a new addition of warning. (Don’t get into trouble!) I will also be clearing un-used plots on Creative every Friday as part of a “cleanup-the-server” thing so new members can get a plot closer to the spawn. This also will reduce server lag caused by the plugins. (If you claim a plot on the server, BUILD IN IT! If you don’t and it’s empty, it might get deleted on Friday) Don’t forget to vote everyday for a $2000 bonus! The active members are really showing who they are now! /ot top

Alright! That’s about it server-wise except a few changes behind the scenes which I can’t talk about. (Also, when I cleanup Creative, I clear entities too! I found over 300 horses just on one plot which can cause lag for other players)