Cleaned up Creative + DEV server!

I just finished cleaning up the creative server so if you had an empty plot with nothing on it then it’s probably gone now. This just goes for everybody. Don’t claim 15 plots (someone did that) and do nothing on them. Claim a plot when you’re ready to build please. K. Anyway. Also don’t spawn 300 horses without killing them all. It doesn’t stress the server out but some people’s internet can’t handle that many entities. And I certainly know that my internet will give out if like 30 people are on with that amount so just don’t do it. šŸ™‚ That’s really all I had to say. I’ll probably be adding these things to the rules document. (Check Discord sometime tomorrow)

This is totally unrelated to any member info but I now have a dedicated DEV server for testing purposes only which is awesome. It has double the power of the regular servers and can process like a 70mil WorldEdit chunk in about 45 seconds. That’s insane. We will let members on every once in awhile for testing purposes if needed. Please note if you’re going to help out with plugin development that you need to have a working secured Google account to use with the shared documents and the authentication process on the DEV server. It’s 10:50 PM where I live as I’m writing this and my eyes are pretty tired so I’m going to bed because I have nothing to say anymore. GN!