Looking for staff

Currently we’re looking for staff members to be active on my server. We lost an admin today so I’m getting a little more needy. Looking for anyone who has past experience with servers and is just willing to help out. We need about 1-2 more builders, at least another admin, and 2 more helpers by 2018. I’ll have the apps open till probably mid December. I’m looking for a lot when people apply for admin so if you don’t have very good past experience I would recommend helper or builder if you’re choosing to apply. The one requirement for ALL staff is that you have an active Discord account to communicate with the rest of the team including me. Just a few quick updates on the server: player counts are low right now mostly because of the start of school but I’ll be working more efficiently to better advertise the player experience as a whole and fix / add new awesome features in the future. (Yes, that means EVERY server on the network is being re-done) I posted the link to apply at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions on our application approval / denial process please email me privately.

My email (Only if you have questions, spam will be blocked) is [email protected]

Website to apply: