MastersCraft Lag Notice

Lately I’ve had a few people complain about lag on my Minecraft server MastersCraft so I decided to check it out and there it was! The TPS (ticks-per-second) was at about 18 (the normal is 20, higher is faster) and the server response delay was massive! I did a little bit of investigation and found out that I was hitting around 95% RAM usage! (The server averages about 65%) It definitely looks like I’m going to have to upgrade it in the near future. For now, I found the process that was taking 4GB of ram and ended it. For the next 30 days, there might be periodic unscheduled restarts as I’ll be keeping a close eye on the usage. (I have PRTG setup to notify me about it) I have to say, it’s soo much easier being able to send updates out this way then having to go into the HTML of each page for mobile and regular and modify text that way. I think my new addiction might be WordPress. Anyway. I added a new appeal site yesterday so if you ever plan on getting banned or are banned check it out! Appeal Site! For those of you who are new to my server, welcome and join our public Discord at the bottom of this post! For those people who are on Discord, I’ll be announcing major updates on there but for the smaller updates and more details come here. If anybody knows of a decent plugin developer for spigot servers please contact me via email or Discord! TNTWars is currently at a halt due to the lack of developer support in the last few months. We’re looking for people to help out and who would have the time to complete something in a timely manner. That’s about it update-wise for the server! I’ll be sure to keep all of you updated throughout the following days!