Some more news

So today I mainly was working on things in the background on my end but there are a few noticeable changes I made starting with the addition on tagging players in game! You can now @ a player (ex. @ZnAvids) to get their attention. It will play a sound and turn their name a certain color in chat if they’re online. Other than that, the direct connect limiter should be less aggressive to players now because let’s face it, it was getting annoying even for me. There are a few things that helped clean up some lag on the server to get our TPS even closer to 20! Really that’s it. I am thinking of possibly adding a minigames server in the future alongside TNTWars! I think PVP, Parkour, and Creative are great but they just get boring after a while because EVERY server has them. I have plans for that but for now, we just need to perfect / finish what we have.