Something new

So today a member finally convinced me to add the server radio to all of the other server. I did. Getting the radio on Creative wasn’t easy though. Creative is 1.12.1 and the other servers are 1.8. This also means that noteblock IDs change in new versions because I couldn’t get anything to play! Luckily the developers have been updating their plugins online (I was like 2 years outdated) so I grabbed me some download button and restarted the servers. It works now.  Also did some playing around with the new punishment system and it works great! The anticheat still needs some tweaking because it sometimes kicks legit players but as of now, I’d say it catches 80% of hackers – but like 30% legit players. Still though, it’s a work in progress and I’m happy with where it’s at right now. About 40 minutes before writing this, I found some Monstercat MIDI files online. Well, the old songs on the server get boring after a while so I was like, let’s check it out. I loaded up the MIDI to Noteblock (.nbs) editor, adjusted some volume levels and tweaked the tempo of each song and sent them off into the tracks folder on the server. Before I knew it, I had “We Love, Rainbow Road, and Anime Bae” playing in the Hub – that was awesome! If I have time tomorrow I’ll see if I can find some more cool songs to add to the collection! For now, I now have something new (well, not new…you get the idea) to listen to when doing work.