First day with Logitech Harmony

I’ve always loved the home automation and smart home technology since was created and just couldn’t pass up the Logitech harmony hub that can connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a completely hands-free experience. The harmony hub acts as a big IR blaster that sends infared signals to each device in a home theater setup allowing for a “smart” way of controlling each device without a remote. The setup process for the hub was quite simple, just long. If you’re looking to buy this product make sure you have at least 30+ minutes to set it up. Once everything was setup I got to play with it. I really like how my “Movie” preset turns on my tv, receiver, soundbar, subwoofer, switch, blueray player, and dims the lights slightly in the room. This does take a few seconds because the IR immiter can’t send out multiple signals at once because everything would go crazy. Basically for those who don’t know IR is basically a form of light that we can’t see. Overall, I think it was worth $100 for this setup and I look foward to purchasing one of the remotes in the future to add.