Nest Learning Thermostat

I’ve always looked forward to making my house the best it can be in relation to tech and the Nest thermostat was something I couldn’t pass up especially for half off the $250.00 price point it’s marketed at. I love home automation and use Alexa for just about everything. I installed the Nest earlier today and it has been a privilage to use it. The pacaging includes everything you need to get started and has great clear and organized instructions. I first saw the Nest about a year ago when a YouTuber did a review on it. I was eager to learn more. For the past few months, I’ve been debating wether to get the Ecobee 4 or the Nest Gen 3. Let’s talk about the Ecobee. The Ecobee 4 has basically everything the Nest has with a few extra bonuses – built in Alexa, and room sensors for more accurate tempature managment. At first I thought this was a great alternative to the Nest – it is. I was purswaded by Nest though because I plan to expand my Nest home in the future. In the about hour I’ve been able to use it, I really like it. I installed the Alexa skill on all my Echos and have every person in the house set up with the simple app. It has never been more simple to change the tempature of your house. One of my favorite features of the Nest is the display. It’s sharp, bright, and even lights up when you walk up to it with whatever you choose. Overall, my first impressions on the Nest are great. I think the thermostat could inprove in a few ways but I’ll touch on that later. For now, I need to get to bed and probably go play with it more in bed. I like it.