Second day with iOS 11

There are definitely present bugs in the new version of iOS but that didn’t stop me from updating. Speaking of one bug that annoyed me the most was the lag when using 3D touch. There’s a framerate (stutter) issue and a bit of delay when I engage it. I’m confident Apple will make changes in the software to fix this issue but for now I’ll have to deal with it. Now that I was actually able to take my phone into the real world to try out some cool new things I was able to “show-off” some new features. One of them being ARKit. I downloaded a variety of apps that supported AR to try them out and so far, I love it – and people around me think I’m crazy. I was playing a bit of mini golf in AR this morning at my school and I got some of the most strange looks I’ve ever seen! Anyway, I won and that was cool. I’m probably going to bed now so goodnight internet!